A Bad Penny

“A bad penny always turns up.”  Ugh.  I mistakenly thought that Biden’s election would mean the end of the political insanity of the Trump Era, but no—it goes on, like spiteful, mindless imps who only understand destruction and malice.

Felonious Gru

So, Trump and his minions carry on.  But, unlike Felonious Gru, they are not “reformed villains” but just villains who remain unrepentant and stubbornly ignorant.  When their verbal misdeeds are played back to them (i.e., Trump on Putin, Flynn on Myanamar), they excuse themselves with “what-I-meant-to-say” contortions.  What kind of world have we become when what is spoken and recorded may be denied without consequence?  What is left for us to ever believe?

Gru repented, retracted, atoned.  He learned to love.  Unfortunately, he is a creature of imagination.

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