Bubu’s Dentistry Event

Bubu’s Dentistry Adventure

My Pet's MVP Mobile Van

Today, Bubu had his teeth cleaned in the Mobile Vet’s van. It seems that he also had to have some teeth extracted, which brought the cost from around $350 to over $700; that was a surprise. But, I’m glad to have done this for Bubu (full name: Bubba Bubu); he was Luke’s cat, and I promised Luke that I would take care of him.

Bubu Resting
Bubu Recuperating

The entire procedure was done in the van; Bubu was there for about three hours and, as was explained to me, was a basically good guy about the whole thing.  It’s always nice when a pet behaves when not at home; it somehow speaks well of the owner, I think.

Bubu came home and, as a result of the anesthesia, wobbled around a bit.  However, that didn’t stop him from eating.  In fact, he laid down in front of the food dishes and decided to eat as much as he could!  It was nice to see that his priority was not feeling sorry for himself but feeding his face.

He’s got some antibiotics for the next three days and pain medication for his mouth, but he has bounced back quickly.  Great work from the vet!