Glad & Hopeful

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Yes, the Senate acquits him after ignoring the voice of the people who call for witnesses and documents. Yes, the Senate says that his wrongdoing doesn’t rise to the level of impeachment (causing us to ask, Then what in hell does?!?). Yes, but. . . .

He remains IMPEACHED – his “perfect” world smeared and forever marred. And I still have hope that this year’s elections will emphasize that by showing him defeated (soundly or barely, it doesn’t matter) at the polls. Lamarr Alexander, the retiring senator from Tennessee, refused to hear eyewitnesses and to commit to impeaching him, saying “Let the people decide.” He shirks his duty as a duly-elected representative of the people, pushing off that responsibility to the voters.

So, as voters, we will do the job of those assholes in the Senate (and, yes, we remember their names and will vote them out). And they should note this well: we have done well economically under Trump, but that does not negate his wrongdoing, his cheating, his lying, his illegal, unlawful, immoral acts. Hear us, you sniveling Senators, we do not share your fear of him, nor does our ambition supercede our morality.

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