On Poetry (July 2021)

I am pleased and honored to refer to these sites where my recent poetry has been published:

The first two are at OPEN: The Journal of Arts & Letters, Jeff Streeby, editor in chief.  The combination of graphics and literary arts is very striking here.

The last site noted above is Vita Brevis Press, founder and editor Brian Geiger.  This small press is ambitious in scope and quite interesting.  Mr. Geiger says: “Vita Brevis Press is a bestselling small publisher dedicated to emerging and established poets. We publish Pulitzer and Pushcart prize winners right alongside some of the best new poets out there, circulating their work in an online magazine and physical anthologies. We love art; that’s why every poem we publish is paired with painting carefully curated for it.”  Again, I’m honored to have been selected for publication here.

Coming soon, I hope, as well, is a print anthology in which my poem “Rocking Chairs” is being published, The Oberon Poetry Magazine.  Each year, they put together a collection of poetry selected by a judge for inclusion in the annual issue. This is their standard cover/logo:

It is a wonderfully whimsical and joyous representation of how they seem to approach poetry.  They look for a wide and varied sampling of different styles and types of poetry. Their site, should you care to look, is here: https://www.oberonpoetry.com/

Yours Truly

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