29 Feb. 2024

As of Feb. 21, 2024

Published or accepted (printed poems are not available online)

  • [online] In OPEN: “Cutting Back” and “Warnings” (July 2021)
  • [online] In Brevis: “What Is Not There” (July 2021)
  • [in print] In Oberon (issue 19) “Rocking Chairs” (Winter 2021)
  • [online] In The Woolf: “Bastille Day 2021” (Winter 2021)
  • [e-book] In Vultures & Doves (Valiant Scribe): “Nocturne No. 2” (Winter 2021)
  • [online] In The Ekphrastic Review: “What Hides” (31 Dec. 2021)
  • [online] In Fauxmoir: “Aspiration” (debut issue  21 December 2021)
  • [online] In Apricity: “History 1961”
  • [online] In Evening Street Press & Review: “Hungarian Rhapsody,” “The Baseball Mitt,” “No Word,” and “Nocturne No. 3: Little By Little” (sometime in 2022)
  • [online] In Neologism Poetry: “In Glory” (November 2021 issue)
  • [online]  “Eliot Then and Now” (a personal essay) in Exchanges (Autumn 2021), ed. John Caperon, the newsletter of the T. S. Eliot Society (UK)
  • [in print] Nothing Divine Dies, The Poetry of Nature of Vita Brevis Press: “Age” (December 2021)
  • [online] in New Note Poetry: “One Long Night In New York” Winter 2021
  • [online] in the Decadent Review: “Again and Again: Philomel” (23 Dec. 2021), “Cauchemar” (24 March 2022)
  • [online] in Provenance Journal: “Unpronounceable,” “His Journey,” and “Late Winter in Connecticut” (Dec. 2021)
  • [print] in Cerasus Magazine: “Winter Roses” and “I Stole Pictures” (Winter Special Edition Jan. 2022)
  • [online] in Native Skin: “Coming To America” and “Young Woman’s Song 1968” (Issue 3, Feb. 2022)
  • [online ezine] The Poeming Pigeon (published by The Poetry Box): “Permanence” (Fall 2022)
  • [online] in Library Love Letter: “Bookish” and “If You Would Know Me” (February 2022)
  • [online] in Poetic Sun: “Correspondence” (March 2022)
  • [online] in Multiplicity: “Winter Solstice” and (accepted & to be published as a reprint) “Winter Roses” (published as “Against The Grain”) and “Coming To America” (published as “Heart of a Father”) – published in Summer 2022 (issue 4)
  • [print] in Midwest Quarterly (June 2022) –“Fountain”
  • [online] in Etched Onyx: “Ylang Ylang,” “Confusion,” “Fade,” “Morning,” and “Old Friends” – published in Spring 2022; also podcast (see link)
  • [finalist] in Kallisto-Gaia Press Saguaro Prize 2022 – chapbook Dead Men Tell Such Tales
  • [print] in Ponder Review – “Accident Survived” in vol.6, issue 1
  • [online] in Hawai’i Pacific Review (May 2022) – “Once”
  • [print & online} in Brushfire (May 2022) – “Waking”
  • [print & online] in Slab – “Nothing Lasts Forever” (p. 23) and “Permanence” (p. 13) [reprint](Issue 17, Nov. 2022)
  • [fiction] one of four finalists in the Writers’ League of Texas Manuscript Contest in Historical Fiction 2022.
  • [online] in Wrath-Bearing Tree Literary Magazine (April 2023) – “Naught,” and reprint of “Accident Survived”
  • [print] in Musings (Fall 2022, Premiere issue) – “Coming Clean”
  • [online] in Young Ravens Literary Review (Issue 17) – “Being Old”
  • [online] in riverSedge (Issue 35 Winter 2022) – “Disposable”
  • [print] in boats against the current (Fall 2022) – “Our Place”
  • [online] in The Hyacinth Review  – “What Is Not There” (March 27, 2023, reprint) and “Spirit” (January 13, 2023)
  • [print] in ellipsis. . . literature and art – “A Comic Dialogue” (April 21, 2023)
  • [online] in  Loch Raven Review – “You” (November 2022)
  • [online] participation in online Poetry Reading, “At Any Age” hosted by Baypath Creative Writing Program – November 16, 2022. One of six writers invited to read from work published in Multiplicity, Issue 4. Poems read were: “Heart of a Father,” “Winter Solstice,” and “Against the Grain.”
  • [online] in The Courtship of Winds – “A Quartet of Etudes” and “Ergo Sumus” (Winter 2022)
  • [print] semifinalist in Brick Road Poetry Press Book contest (Jan. 2023) for manuscript “Lessons From the Garden, Love, and History”
  • [print] “Gifts” and “Kneading” in the Spring 2023 issue of El.Portal
  •       [online] “Karma” in the April 27, 2023 issue of Sage Cigarettes Magazine
  •      [print] “Getting Here: The Bronx to Austin Texas” chapbook semifinalist in Eggtooth Editions Chapbook Contest (March 2023)
  • [print] semifinalist in Elixir Press Book contest (Jan. 2023) for manuscript “Lessons From the Garden, Love, and History” (April 2023)
  • [print] semifinalist in Wolfson Press chapbook contest (April 2023) for manuscript “Getting Here: The Bronx to Austin Texas”
  • [print] “At A Party of Mourning Doves in Austin Texas” in Connecticut Poetry Review (August 2023)
  •       [online] “Bronx Girl’s Subway,” “Room of Dreams,” “Vocal Poem,” “Performer,” and “Rusty” in A Thin Slice of Anxiety (May 2023)
  • [print] “Not Poetry” and “Poetry Reading” in Hedge Apple (2023)
  • [print] Almanac of Reckoning Chapbook (Georgetown, KY, 2025).
  • [print] “Dawn Yard in March” in Inverted Syntax (Feb. 2024)
  • [print] “Lady Spring” in The MacGuffin (Vol. 39, #3)
  • [online] “Oak” in Delta Poetry Review (June 2024)                   
  • [print] “Universal” in Steam Ticket Journal (Vol 27)

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