They Know Better

The news is full of the recent withdrawal of John Ratcliffe’s nomination for head of the National Security Administration – thank goodness!  So, another nominee of Trump bites the dust.  It’s getting very dusty in here, hmmph.

What no one seems to be focusing on is what, to me, is becoming a clearer image of Trumpism, which will soon (or already has) become the new name of what we once called the Republican Party.  That image is of total boobs, selfish nabobs, and pea-brained idiots.  There is no room in Republicanism for intellect, for altruism, for independence.  There is only a vast, empty mindlessness.  Particularly since the last resignation: that of Will Hurd of Texas.

Let’s hope that this bodes ill for a Republican Party that refuses to acknowledge the dangers and idiocies of Trump.  Pete Buttigieg:  Republicans “are supporting naked racism in the White House or, at best, silent about it,” and then directly addressing the GOP members he was criticizing, he said, “The thing you will be remembered for is whether in this moment with this President you found the courage to stand up to him or you continue to put party over country.”

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