Let’s Not Forget

What will it take?  How long must we wait? I am reminded of George Santayana’s warning: “Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” But I remember, and so do those who went out of their way to vote for Joe Biden; must we be doomed because of the sniveling, ass-licking Republicans (notably exempt Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, and Susan Collins), the Fox channel pseudo-journalists, and Trump-appointed bureaucrats?

Who cannot see that this is Trump’s effort to overthrow our democracy?  I don’t think we should see this entire circumstance as an aberration, or that we should ignore it as inconsequential, or that we should accept explanations of it as giving Trump some time to grieve his loss.  In four years of his presidency, he has been ruthless, thoughtless, and inconsiderate; such behavior deserves no mercy, no compassion.  It deserves truth: he is a loser on a grand scale.  His demagoguery has finally failed.  In Trump’s own words: “You’re fired!”

I ask the likes of Barr, McConnell and Graham to study history: the rise of Hitler, the regime of Marcos, the ascendancy of Pol Pot. Don’t tell me this is not a weighty matter, or in your smug Christianity that God would not allow this to become a national tragedy; instead, remember the Holocaust and the Killing Fields.

And what you do not remember, I will.  And I will remember you.

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