The election is over.  By all accounts, no matter what is done from this point forward, the result will remain the same: Donald J. Trump has lost.  Yet, nothing has changed.  His enablers – the likes of Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham – and his lackeys – the worst of whom is probably the Gollum-like Rudy Giuliani – continue to spew their bile and shred the social fabric of America with their gnarled claws.  Mass media tells us that we are a dangerously-polarized society.  This is not fake news; it’s not even news. 

We have all been forced to declare for one side or the other: Republican or Democrat.  The soothing, neutral gray of compromise and mediation is gone, the fevered dream of idealists.

I cannot emphasize enough the depth and extent of my shame.  My America, the one I was born in, the one who taught me about the miracle of democracy, the land I criticize because I love it so fervently, is crumbling before my eyes, disappearing. This is tragedy.  The fall of America is that much more horrifying because it is from such a great height.  I am ashamed to be an American and, no matter what the outcome of this, that shame will burn for a long time to come.

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